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Bad Blogging Skillz

1 Sep

Happy September!

OK so I know I need to write on here every day but it’s not going so well. I am friggin’ lazy. I guess blogging just becomes a habit. I think it’s the nice weather that’s keeping me away. And lack of inspiration. Actually, no, I have plenty of inspiration, maybe a little too much and I just can’t decide which way to go. Do I want to be a Negative Nancy and just let loose on everything that drives me crazy? Or do i want to wax poetic about the beauty of this country and all it has to offer (I am rolling my eyes as I type so that is a NO!)?

I need to find a happy medium, I don’t want to upset or insult anyone in my adopted country. Or get the dreaded “If you don’t like it then go back to your country.” Um, yeah if it was that easy I would have done that by now seeing as how I can’t even find an easy part time job let alone start a career since I’m married and fertile and companies don’t want to risk paying me maternity leave. I should be allowed to complain without consequences. It’s like bringing an Italian to Olive Garden and forcing him to finish his plate and not say a word (impossible). I am MARRIED to an ITALIAN who can’t leave his family business here! You want me to give up on love so that I can live an easier, more convenient life? Pshaw, that’s for wussies. I can take it, I’ve been doing it for awhile now, so let me just whine a little. Get back to me when you’ve done the same.

(The double edged sword of maternity and job discrimination in Italy is another topic altogether, which I hope to discuss eventually. )

Oh and my camera has been hijacked by aforementioned husband so when I get it back I’ll be taking some pics.

Ciao ciao,